Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally I started Windows Phone 7 development

A couple of weeks ago I attended in a Microsoft's workshop for Windows Phone 7 development just after buying my Samsung Omnia 7 phone, the workshop inspired me with the fact that Windows Phone 7 development is just fun.
So moving to Windows Phone 7 world I will be posting about Windows Phone 7 applications, games, news, development tips in the future.

For the beginning I would like to write about why moving to Windows Phone 7, of course,  from my perceptive. I have several reason but here is two of them that I can share. One is that its development is easy and the other one is that I hope in Windows Phone 7 future.

Reason 1 : Windows Phone 7 development is easy.
Now that I have wrote a couple of applications reading for publishing into market I am thinking of developing Windows Phone 7 application is even easier than writing Desktop or Web applications. For every functionality you desire to add to your application there is a too much simple API.
Also I attended in an Android development workshop at SystemGroup company. I was just pain. In two hours we only learnt how to add a button to UI and then handle it's click button. No need to say iPhone development is even harder than Windows Phone.

Reason 2 : Windows Phone 7 will beat both iPhone and Android in the near future
First of all I have to say I hate iPhone, I know iPhone is the favourite phone for most of you, but to me it never attracted me. I used iPhone as the company's phone, it was nothing special to me. iPhone seems too boring to me. To understand me you have to use both iPhone and Windows Phone for a while, then you will probably get this feeling. Also I am not inspired by the Siri as it is only a non practical funny feature.
Also there are some predictions that in the future Windows Phone will beat Android.


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