Friday, November 13, 2009

Set default values of new generated rows at implementing filter

This is a simple trick to handle a common problem

You provided a filter option for showing a list, you wanted user to add new items to list, and if list is filtered the new item should be added to the current filtered list.
1. You used the ICollectionView to bind the list, if you don’t do.
2. On of these
  • There is no item that doesn’t belong to any filter.
  • You have a way to recognize newly created objects.

First see the below code, pay attention to comments

anICollectionView.Filter = o=>
        var unit = o as Unit;
        if (unit.UnitCategory == null)
            // This is a tricky code, there is 3 points: // 1. This code will be executed only if the list is shown in categorized mode // 2. All units have a unit category, so I didn't change any other unit's unit category // 3. Regarding to point 2 this unit which has no unit category is a new added unit, you bet! unit.UnitCategory = currentUnitCategoryOnFilter; // 4. So I can set the unit category of this newly created unit to the current filter }
        return unit.UnitCategory = currentUnitCategoryOnFilter);

the line
if (unit.UnitCategory == null)
is the way that I recognize this a new object because all units have a unit category.

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